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At V.I.P., we believe the earlier you start in gymnastics, the better! Which is why we work on lead-ups, strength, flexibility, gross and fine motor skills, balance, and coordination from the first class.

Up & Comers Open Gym- We take walking to 6 years old for these Open Gym times. We always have an instructor available to monitor safety and for ideas on skills to teach your young one. An adult must accompany the child for these Open Gyms.

Up & Comers Instructor-Led Class- This class is for ages 2-4 and still are with an adult. We want our kids to transition from playing and having fun from Open Gyms to learning new movements. An experienced instructor will lead parents through the main gymnastics events. Parents will be hands on and help with the skills and stations. This class will take place in the preschool gym.

Top Cats & Big Kahunas- These classes are for ages 3-5. Top Cats is our beginner preschool class. We are looking for them to learn the concept of a cartwheel, hold a handstand against the wall, keep their chin on the bar for 10 seconds in a pull-up hold, and learn how to listen and follow directions. When they have achieved these and other standards, they become a Big Kahuna. As Big Kahuna, they perfect all of these skills and gain strength and flexibility.

Hot Shots- This group is for ages 3-7 and is special invite only. This group will focus on developing skills and strength to become our competitive team. They will practice in the main gym.


Beginner- Intermediate

Our students develop into well rounded athletes because our program focusing on strength, flexibility, coordination, power, grace, and agility. Very few sports give such a wide range of physical and mental benefits.

Big Wigs 1 &2- These classes create a foundation of gymnastics skills that every wants to learn- handstands, cartwheels, backbends, pull-overs, and the beginning stages of a backhandspring. These students have testing sheets they complete at the beginning and end of each session to track their progress. We want EVERY student to reach their full potential.


Hall of Famers- This team last year comprised of over 25 girls who were pretty much brand new at gymnastics. They prove that if you work hard and set goals, you can become a competitive gymnast. They traveled to state and regional competitions. Our 2019 Bronze team even placed 3rd at the South Dakota State Competition in Rapid. Everyone of our athletes qualified for the state meet and we had several regional qualifiers as well. We can’t wait what the future holds for this group.


Competitive- Xcel Bronze


Competitive- Xcel Silver & Gold

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Junior Olympic