How it works:

•We come to your child’s daycare/preschool once a week for 30 minutes. The day and time will be posted at your center.

•You fill out a registration form and a payment (currently cash or check) and leave it with your center’s director.

•During the 30 minutes, your child participates in age appropriate skills to increase their motor skills, strength, flexibility, and coordination. No other activity can give kids such a wide range of sport skills!

•No week is ever the same! Every week we incorporate a new lesson plan, gymnastics/fitness concept, and educational goal. The kids just think its fun. •

Last year, the Tumblebus was responsible for introducing the sport of gymnastics to over 300 students in the Sioux City area alone! You won’t want your child to miss out.


2019- 2020

Tumblebus Rates

August 29- May 22

•$320 (36 weeks) •No annual fee •No hassle payments/late fees

•$170 (18 weeks) •No annual fee

•$40 (4 weeks) •$25 annual family membership fee

Classes will begin on August 29 and will continue until May 22. Our policy provides two missed classes because of weather/mechanical issues with the bus. Your child is enrolled in the program once registered until we receive a written notice two weeks in advance to their last day. Join the program Siouxland can’t stop talking about! Space is limited! Check out our new facility in North Sioux City: V.I.P. Gymnastics, Ninja, & Cheer.