Tumblebus Waiver


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Program Waiver

For the acceptance of the child named above into Superstar Tumblebus, the undersigned parent or guardian agrees to forever discharge Superstar Tumblebus from any actions, claims, damages, liabilities, costs or expenses of any kind relating to all activities related to Superstar Tumblebus and further acknowledges that this is a complete release for all injuries and damages which the child above may sustain as a result of participating in any activities.

General Waiver

In consideration of Superstar Tumblebus accepting my child into participation of tumbling, which activity I hereby acknowledge involves greater than normal risk of injury, I agree as my child's parent/guardian to assume responsibility for all risks, cost, or losses sustained by my child, or my child's family in connection with participation in tumbling classes, programs, lessons, birthday parties, open play, field trips or any other activities connected with Superstar Tumblebus. I give my permission to Superstar Tumblebus to make whatever emergency measures as judged necessary for the protection of my child while under the supervision of Superstar Tumblebus. In case of an emergency, I understand that my child will be transported to an appropriate medical facility by the local emergency unit for treatment if the local emergency resources deem it necessary. Transportation will be at my own expense. It is understood that in some medical situations, the staff will need to contact the local emergency resource before the parent, physician and/or other acting on behalf of the parent or family can be reached. Further, I hereby release and agree to hold harmless and to indemnify Superstar Tumblebus employees, owners, or volunteers from any claims, losses or expenses incurred or on the behalf of my child.

Photo Permission

I hereby give my permission to Superstar Tumblebus to use photos of my child in marketing materials for Superstar Tumblebus only. My child's name will never be used in marketing materials. If you do not want your child's image to be used, you may contact us directly at alisha_47@hotmail.com.

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