Our Programs

Our new 21,135 square foot building is well equipped with a long trampoline, rod floor, two vault runways (one into a resi pit and one into a foam pit), two inground trampolines, pit bar, channel bar, full set uneven bars, high and low balance beams, two full spring floors, ninja equipment, and its very own preschool gym. Our building is state-of-the-art!

Gymnastics class picture.JPG


Our gymnastics program will provide structured classes for students ages 2-18. Students will learn movement concepts crucial for not only gymnastics but other sports as well. Our classes will help students increase strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and power. We will provide opportunities and programs for our gymnasts to compete and perform at the highest level. Currently, we are offering the Xcel competitive program.

Ninja class picture.JPG


Our ninja program was the first of its kind in our community. Ninja training combines obstacle course training, gymnastics, martial arts, and freestyle movements. It teaches children how to protect their bodies, keeps them moving the entire class, and gives them an understanding of moving through obstacles. 



Lastly, our cheer program will provide students a place to learn and practice dance, jumps, stunts, and tumbling. Our performance team is the Lil’ Stunters and our competitive team is the “A Listers”. 

This will only be the beginning of what we will offer in our facility.